• " A Comprehensive 30 Days Nutriboost For New Moms "


To help mothers maintain a healthy lifestyle through the right diet and right lifestyle and be able to take care of themselves and their families at an optimal level.


As quoted by Stanford children’s health and our good old Ayurveda, ‘weight gained by mother helps build stores for your recovery and breastfeeding. After delivery all mothers need to eat well so that they maintain good health and take care of their baby. It is recommended that breastfeeding mothers should eat when they are hungry. But most mothers are tired or busy because of which they compromise on their food intake.” So, taking into consideration the new-age mother’s schedule and the need to resume work early, we have come up with a take-away power packed nutrition so that you can grab a bite when hungry and get all the nutrition without compromising on your work life.

About Us

Motherhood n Beyond is your nutrition expert that tells you what to eat and provides it to you on a platter, at your doorstep. This, at the life-changing stage of motherhood. We make food interesting and nutritious for you as you plunge into the role of a mother. All the necessary nutrition you need after childbirth is carefully prepared in our kitchen and is available to you in handy packages, no matter where you are in the world. Our products are prepared with motherly care, using high quality ingredients, in cow ghee with utmost hygiene. We supply only by order to ensure freshness. Meet our team, an eclectic mix of experts bringing the best of their experience over the years to give you a healthy foray into motherhood.

Our Team

Usha Aland

Dr. Swati Aland Handralmath
M.B.B.S., MD.

Dr. Varsha Patil

Dr. Shobha Hoolikatti
Ph.D in Yoga and Philosophy

Mrs. Smita Amble
Product Manager at MnB

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