• " A Comprehensive 30 Days Nutriboost For New Moms "

Grandmas Nuska

Posted On :  04-07-2019 By : Usha Aland

Coming from a family of 5 doctors, health is always a priority for me. I noticed everywhere that mothers nutrition is always compromised. So, we (me and my doctor daughter) thought of recreating age old, our traditional dishes to take away / ready-to-eat nutritional supplements to fulfil your needs. In an era of packed food and snacks, career oriented people running between home and offices, you people literary don’t have an option. Because of nuclear families very few people are lucky to get the guidance of elder generation.
It is said that what you eat up to 30 years of your age decides how your health will be when you become 50.Specially the post delivery period is very crucial. In pregnancy the baby takes nutrition from mother which should be replenished after delivery. After interviewing some new moms, I came to know that 90% of the moms didn’t know about the traditional supplements ,did not know what to eat in post delivery period.
It is very important that you should have uncompromised nutrition after delivery. Few months of these supplements will take care of your back ache, weakness, anaemia forever.
And yes, don’t worry about the weight gain after eating all these high cal food. It will be taken care of naturally with baby’s growing demands and running around after your kids . You can control your weight by exercise and food intake later. Now enjoy your motherhood thoroughly and pamper yourself.
These products are prepared with motherly care, using high quality ingredients, in cow ghee with utmost hygiene. We supply only by order to ensure freshness.

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