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Posted On :  03-01-2020 By : Dr. Varsha Patil

Maternal nutrition call for special services. Breastfeeding women are distinguished as a special requirement group. The main focus is to replenish the nutrition stores, achieve adequate nutrition intake and assist with breastfeeding. 
Women are also concerned about returning to their pre pregnancy weight and definitely need guidance to do so.
The RDA( required daily allowance) are increased during lactation , in some cases more than 50% . The extra nutrient intake needed to cover exclusive breast feeding is substantially greater than that needed to cover the entire pregnancy . 
It is therefore recommended to take a wide assortment of nutritious food to fulfill a woman’s increased nutritional needs. A higher intake is required for women who are slender. There is a gradual fat loss in women to supply some of the needs during lactation .
I strongly recommend lactating mothers to be active physically and participate in some form of aerobic exercise daily.
The appropriate mixture of protein and fat rich supplement which also provides calcium,vitamins and minerals is advisable in the daily diet. 

Question & Answer

User : priyanka

Question : what are the precaution taken by a pregnet lady? ?
Answer :

Throughout your pregnancy, but especially during the first three months, be very careful about using alcohol, drugs and medication.

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